Teaching your Dog Tricks: It’s Not Just Fun and Games

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

Yes, it’s fun to have a dog that does something you ask on command. But it’s not just fun and games for the dogs themselves. In fact, teaching your dog tricks provides an opportunity for mental and physical exercise, as well as bonding with their human parents. Dogs thrive on positive reinforcement from their caregivers (a key in successful trick training). And everyone knows that a tired dog is a happy dog. After an active session learning how to roll over, crawl under, or spin and flip, your pup is bound to be ready for a nice long nap.

You Can Teach and Old Dog New Tricks

Most dogs are naturally good learners. They are typically inquisitive, eager to please, and want to experience new things. If you’ve taken a dog to the dog park, you know how much they enjoy observing their environment, and quickly respond to what they hear, see, and smell.

“Even though young pups may be more actively curious, dogs never stop learning. In fact, adult dogs are often easier to train than their younger canine friends specifically because they aren’t as active. Older dogs aren’t as easily distracted as pups and can focus for longer periods of time. This ability to concentrate helps them learn new routines more easily.” (vcahospitals.com)

For all dogs, learning tricks also comes with many health benefits, including: 

  • A stronger bond with their human caregiver
  • The more they learn, the quicker their learning response becomes. More tricks = a smarter dog
  • Many tricks build endurance, stamina, and muscle tone – all of which are critical for dogs as they age
  • All ages of dogs benefit from training. Puppies can release some of their pent-up energy and be more behaved, and teaching older dogs stimulates their interest and keeps them physically active

Beds-N-Biscuits Now Offers Trick Training

Starting in April 2022, Beds-N-Biscuits will begin offering a new enrichment opportunity for your pups: Trick of the Month. The Trick of the Month is a fun, engaging education program designed to teach your dog how to perform simple, fun tricks that you can do at home. We work with the dogs to perform the trick during daycare time at BNB, and then provide an instruction sheet so you can practice at home. 

We also provide photos of your pup working with the trainer, and written feedback in the report cards so you’ll know how your dog is doing learning the trick. Tricks taught include Nose Touch, Take a Bow, Crawl Under, Peekaboo, Cookies on Paws, Spin/Twirl, and many more.

Space is limited. Speak with a BNB Reservation Specialist for more information!