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Professional Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Pamper Your Pup with our Grooming Services: Unleash Freshness, Cuddles, and Kisses

At Beds-N-Biscuits, we know a fresh, clean pup is a happy pup—with a happy family. Our talented grooming staff, located in Wheat Ridge, will give your dog the royal treatment,  so you take home a sweet-smelling dog who is ready for cuddles and kisses. We specialize in breed-specific cuts and can have your dog looking their best in no time.

Learn more about our spa services below for proper pup pampering!

Explore Our Dog Grooming and Spa Services

Our grooming services cater to your dog’s breed-specific needs. As prices vary based on the unique requirements of each breed and the condition of your pup’s coat, our reservation specialists can provide individual quotes.

Dog Bath Only

Dog Bath + Professional Haircut

All services include:

  • Bath with deep-cleaning shampoo

  • 15-minute air dry and brush out

  • Nail trim, ear cleaning, and paw pad cleaning

  • Scented spritz

More Grooming Services (expand to learn more)

Pamper your furry friend with our expert grooming service designed to minimize shedding and keep their coats in top shape. Our skilled groomer will start with a thorough brushing using specialized tools, followed by a luxurious bath with premium shedding-reducing shampoo and conditioner. We’ll then gently blow-dry your pet’s coat, ensuring they leave feeling fresh and tidy. Next, our de-shedding tool will work its magic, removing any lingering loose fur. Remember, shedding is natural, but with our Shed Control Treatment, we’ll help you keep it under control.

Discover the wonders of our Healthy Skin & Coat treatment, specially crafted to enhance your pet’s skin and coat condition. Unleash the beauty within your furry companion as we indulge them in a rejuvenating experience. Our skilled groomer will begin with a gentle cleansing bath, using premium, skin-nourishing shampoo and conditioner. This helps promote a healthy coat and soothes any skin irritations. We’ll then carefully blow-dry their fur to perfection. Our team will also perform a thorough brushing to remove loose hair and debris, leaving their coat lustrous and revitalized.

Our Allergy and Itch Relief Treatment is a soothing solution to bring comfort to your pet’s sensitive skin. We understand the struggle of allergies and itching, and our dedicated team is here to help. Your pet’s well-being is our priority, and that’s why we use hypoallergenic, gentle products during this specialized treatment. Starting with a calming bath using specially formulated allergy relief shampoo and conditioner, we aim to alleviate itching and irritation. We’ll follow up with a meticulous blow-dry and a gentle brushing, ensuring their coat is free from allergens and loose fur.

Say goodbye to bad breath with our refreshing Fresh Breath Treatment for your beloved furry companion. At Beds-N-Biscuits, we understand the importance of maintaining oral hygiene for your pets. Our treatment includes a specialized gel that effectively helps remove plaque and tartar buildup. This helps promote healthy gums and fresher breath.

Our Blueberry Facial treatment is designed to cleanse and soothe your pet’s face, leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our specially formulated blueberry facial scrub is packed with natural antioxidants, perfect for removing tear stains, dirt, and grime from their delicate facial area. The facial is suitable for all breeds and is sure to leave your furry friend with a radiant and glowing look. Enhance your pet’s grooming session with this unique treat, and let their eyes sparkle brighter than ever before.

Nail clipping is an important part of pet grooming to maintain healthy paw structure and prevent overgrowth. Our skilled groomers carefully trim your pet’s nails, ensuring a comfortable length for happy and pain-free walks.

For a polished finish and for dogs with anxiety during nail trims, we also offer nail filing to smooth out any rough edges, leaving your pet’s paws feeling soft and well-groomed.

During our ear cleaning session, we delicately remove dirt and debris from your pet’s ears, promoting good ear hygiene and preventing potential ear infections. Our gentle approach ensures a stress-free experience for your furry friend.

Gland expression is another crucial aspect of our a la carte grooming services. Our experts perform this procedure with care, relieving discomfort and helping to avoid potential complications related to gland issues.

Dog With Groomer

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Regular visits to our grooming salon mean more than a pretty pooch—they’re a crucial part of your pet’s health routine.

  • Our groomers are trained to scan the coat, skin, ears, and feet for any signs of potential health risks.

  • A clean coat is lighter and more comfortable on your dog, and can drastically reduce shedding.

  • Canine nails grow constantly. Frequent nail trims allow the quick to recede to keep nail trims pain-free and keep paws healthy.

  • Our specialized tools loosen and remove hair from the dense undercoat, preventing painful mats from forming.

Let our reservation specialists learn all about your pup.
Contact us to learn more, for grooming rates, and to book your pup’s day at the spa!

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