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Professional Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Pamper Your Pup with our Grooming Services: Unleash Freshness, Cuddles, and Kisses

At Beds-N-Biscuits, we know a fresh, clean pup is a happy pup—with a happy family. Our talented grooming staff, located in Wheat Ridge, will give your dog the royal treatment,  so you take home a sweet-smelling dog who is ready for cuddles and kisses. We specialize in breed-specific cuts and can have your dog looking their best in no time.

Learn more about our spa services below for proper pup pampering!

Explore Our Dog Grooming and Spa Services

Our grooming services cater to your dog’s breed-specific needs. As prices vary based on the unique requirements of each breed and the condition of your pup’s coat, our reservation specialists can provide individual quotes.

Dog Bath Only

Dog Bath + Professional Haircut

All services include:

  • Bath with deep-cleaning shampoo

  • 15-minute air dry and brush out

  • Nail trim, ear cleaning, and paw pad cleaning

  • Scented spritz

More Grooming Services (expand to learn more)

Pamper your furry friend with our expert grooming service designed to minimize shedding and keep their coats in top shape. Our skilled groomer will start with a thorough brushing using specialized tools, followed by a luxurious bath with premium shedding-reducing shampoo and conditioner. We’ll then gently blow-dry your pet’s coat, ensuring they leave feeling fresh and tidy. Next, our de-shedding tool will work its magic, removing any lingering loose fur. Remember, shedding is natural, but with our Shed Control Treatment, we’ll help you keep it under control.

Discover the wonders of our Healthy Skin & Coat treatment, specially crafted to enhance your pet’s skin and coat condition. Unleash the beauty within your furry companion as we indulge them in a rejuvenating experience. Our skilled groomer will begin with a gentle cleansing bath, using premium, skin-nourishing shampoo and conditioner. This helps promote a healthy coat and soothes any skin irritations. We’ll then carefully blow-dry their fur to perfection. Our team will also perform a thorough brushing to remove loose hair and debris, leaving their coat lustrous and revitalized.

Our Allergy and Itch Relief Treatment is a soothing solution to bring comfort to your pet’s sensitive skin. We understand the struggle of allergies and itching, and our dedicated team is here to help. Your pet’s well-being is our priority, and that’s why we use hypoallergenic, gentle products during this specialized treatment. Starting with a calming bath using specially formulated allergy relief shampoo and conditioner, we aim to alleviate itching and irritation. We’ll follow up with a meticulous blow-dry and a gentle brushing, ensuring their coat is free from allergens and loose fur.

Say goodbye to bad breath with our refreshing Fresh Breath Treatment for your beloved furry companion. At Beds-N-Biscuits, we understand the importance of maintaining oral hygiene for your pets. Our treatment includes a specialized gel that effectively helps remove plaque and tartar buildup. This helps promote healthy gums and fresher breath.

Our Blueberry Facial treatment is designed to cleanse and soothe your pet’s face, leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our specially formulated blueberry facial scrub is packed with natural antioxidants, perfect for removing tear stains, dirt, and grime from their delicate facial area. The facial is suitable for all breeds and is sure to leave your furry friend with a radiant and glowing look. Enhance your pet’s grooming session with this unique treat, and let their eyes sparkle brighter than ever before.

Nail clipping is an important part of pet grooming to maintain healthy paw structure and prevent overgrowth. Our skilled groomers carefully trim your pet’s nails, ensuring a comfortable length for happy and pain-free walks.

For a polished finish and for dogs with anxiety during nail trims, we also offer nail filing to smooth out any rough edges, leaving your pet’s paws feeling soft and well-groomed.

During our ear cleaning session, we delicately remove dirt and debris from your pet’s ears, promoting good ear hygiene and preventing potential ear infections. Our gentle approach ensures a stress-free experience for your furry friend.

Gland expression is another crucial aspect of our a la carte grooming services. Our experts perform this procedure with care, relieving discomfort and helping to avoid potential complications related to gland issues.

Dog With Groomer

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Regular visits to our grooming salon mean more than a pretty pooch—they’re a crucial part of your pet’s health routine.

  • Our groomers are trained to scan the coat, skin, ears, and feet for any signs of potential health risks.

  • A clean coat is lighter and more comfortable on your dog, and can drastically reduce shedding.

  • Canine nails grow constantly. Frequent nail trims allow the quick to recede to keep nail trims pain-free and keep paws healthy.

  • Our specialized tools loosen and remove hair from the dense undercoat, preventing painful mats from forming.

Let our reservation specialists learn all about your pup.
Contact us to learn more, for grooming rates, and to book your pup’s day at the spa!

What People Are Saying About BNB

Dennis EdmondsDennis Edmonds
15:29 26 May 24
We have used Beds-N-Biscuits from over 5 years. Our dog is excited when she arrives and when we pick her up. They are very kind and supportive of our dog. They provide excellent service to us as pet owners.
Fetta DerbiniFetta Derbini
13:56 25 May 24
It’s the best
Adrienne NashAdrienne Nash
20:19 17 May 24
Love the attention and care they give to my 8 month old puppy! She comes to daycare 1-2 times a week and is so exhausted and happy from her time there!
Kim JensenKim Jensen
01:05 17 May 24
This is the best place to bring your dogs . My Teddy and Rufus love coming here. It’s their home away from home. We never worry when we’re out of town!
20:07 15 May 24
Emily MooreEmily Moore
17:55 15 May 24
After trying several daycare/boarding facilities this has been my favorite! My rescue pup (Hazel) has been going to Beds-N-Biscuits for about a year now and loves it! She is very nervous in new situations and around new people. All of the staff have done a great job with accommodating her needs and taking care of her. Their hours of operation are awesome for people who work long hours and the daily photos are always a nice touch. We are unfortunately moving this summer and I know Hazel will be so sad to start at a new facility. Thank you so much for taking great care of my girl!
Noelle LichNoelle Lich
04:40 12 May 24
Absolutely love the care and attention Beds-N-Biscuits provides for our fur babies! We live quite aways away, but we wouldn’t even THINK of trusting any other facility with our dogs. They are always SO excited at drop off and come home exhausted from a fun time!
Kathy ChisholmKathy Chisholm
21:08 03 May 24
Great doggy daycare, boarding and grooming. We have gone to them for years and highly recommend.
Terri PollardTerri Pollard
22:33 30 Apr 24
We have taken Itachi there several times. They have treated him with kindness and cared for him like the special part of our family that he is. Thank you!
Isaac PachecoIsaac Pacheco
20:40 25 Apr 24
My mini aussie who is the least social dog i know loved these people and came back looking beautiful. Thanks so much guys!
Christina PeppinChristina Peppin
14:06 24 Apr 24
Where at other facilities you may hear “your dog might not be a good fit here”, at Beds & Biscuits you hear “we won’t give up on your dog!” Positive and helpful service!
Barbara KlaverBarbara Klaver
00:21 24 Apr 24
We have taken our Milo there for 4 years. He was just 6-7 months old! I took him because he was a “puppy!” Do I need to say more! Lots of energy and needed socializing! He has gone twice a week! Loves it there. Loves all the employees and they love him. Everyone loves the animals! The Manager Chuck is the kindest most caring Manager. We appreciate him so much! Anyone have any questions I would gladly answer.Thank you!Barbara Klaver
Alec MacAdamAlec MacAdam
16:32 19 Apr 24
We’ve been trusting Beds & Biscuits w our dogs for 11 years and very much appreciate all they do for their furry guests and families! Just introduced our latest rescue Josie to the space w a newbie assessment. She did great. Thank you!
Amr AbdounAmr Abdoun
10:11 19 Apr 24
At first, once I knew about bed ‘n’ biscuits, I felt they are overpriced, however, when I took my puppy Labrador “Coco”, I found it to be an amazing school for pets. We enrolled Coco into their entry program for one month. I was happy to know that not only they would train Coco, but they would also train my son on how to manage and train coco after the program is over. Antonio, the founder, was more than flexible with us and made sure that we were happy with everything. The after-sales service that we got was also amazing. Mohamed, our dog’s trainer paid us a visit at our home after the program ended, to give us tips on how best to manage Coco. The whole team at bed ‘n’ biscuits is super helpful, and until today, I get a lot of advice from them (mainly from Mohamed) on how to manage Coco, what to feed him, portions, medical advices…and more! We enrolled Coco again to the obedience program (off leash), same process as the first program, two weeks training coco alone, and two weeks training Coco and my son. Results are impressive! Oh, and in between the two programs, I was also very happy to know that bed ‘n’biscuits are arranging free of charge weekly group classes for owners and Their pets!!! Value for money is definitely there! Thanks very much to Antonio, Mohamed and the whole amazing team at bed ‘n’biscuits!Yours,Coco’s Family!
Lindsey StevensonLindsey Stevenson
02:19 16 Apr 24
The first two times we used this boarding place, it seemed great. Our goldendoodle came home tired and was happy to go back. Last week, however, we picked him up and I soon realized his whining wasn’t joy to see me – once the initial greeting wore off, I realized he was in pain. A week later and a thousand dollars (and counting) in vet bills later, he still is in excruciating pain from a shoulder injury that no one at Beds-n-Biscuits seems to have any knowledge about. I emailed the owner and have had no response to my request for them to watch the tapes to see maybe when the injury occurred or what happened. I understand accidents happen when dogs are playing, but the unawareness, lack of care for my dog, and inability to follow-up makes this an “absolutely never again” for me. Trust the negative reviews and go elsewhere.
First time there, great customer service and our 2 dogs grooming was perfect, found a new groomerThx
Verna KayVerna Kay
21:42 10 Apr 24
This team is excellent and I never worry about how my best friend is being cared for. The staff is always friendly and excited to see us arrive. I love their hours of operation. 5 Stars all the way!
Dana ButlerDana Butler
23:01 09 Apr 24
Friendly staff, my baby had a great bath, and any problems are resolved.
Jason DobsonJason Dobson
01:07 08 Apr 24
Very nice peopleWonderful place
Michelle Heling MurphyMichelle Heling Murphy
20:42 02 Apr 24
Awesome place! My dog loves going there. Staff is friendly and efficient.
16:56 23 Mar 24
We have utilized Beds-N-Biscuits as well as another competitor for our dogs over the past 5 years and Beds-N-Biscuits is hands down superior in care, boarding options, and grooming. Our dogs require specialized care and they always hit the ball out of the park. We are so grateful for them!!
Mark MusselmanMark Musselman
23:59 20 Mar 24
Erika is the one to get in contact with. Great at what she does. My long hair German shepherd has never looked better!
Dan E LeeDan E Lee
19:55 19 Mar 24
Our pups really seem happy when we pull up to drop them off. They are anxious to go and play.The Staff is excellent at communicating if there are any worries.I can relax on vacation knowing our 3 dogs are safe and happy.
Ben GroenewegBen Groeneweg
14:29 15 Mar 24
Friendly staff, send like a week run place, if maybe a little pricey.
Jonathan LearyJonathan Leary
00:15 15 Mar 24
Best place for boarding your doggie
Patience StevensPatience Stevens
03:46 14 Mar 24
A great first day for Joni! At pick up, she trotted out with tail wagging, a happy and content pooch! Thanks for helping us settle in as newcomers to the area!
Jase SaxelbyJase Saxelby
02:07 10 Mar 24
My dog got the works. Haircut, glands, nails and a bath. Definitely shorter cut than I wanted but still great.
Tony EasonTony Eason
01:07 10 Mar 24
Jessica MoogJessica Moog
22:31 08 Mar 24
Beds n’ Biscuits has been helping to take care of my dog for almost two years, and I’m so grateful they exist. We’ve had nothing but great experiences with daycare, boarding, grooming, and ultimate daycare – it’s so cute to see the new tricks they learn. I’m always impressed with their facility and staff, who know the dogs personally and set them all up for success. Highly recommend.
Lorraine GuerreroLorraine Guerrero
21:53 29 Feb 24
Love this place for my fur baby!Friendly, clean and always takes good care. Also the prices are affordable. Overall I love them and so does my pup!
Kim DyeKim Dye
04:52 25 Feb 24
The staff is wonderful and so accommodating, I feel extremely comfortable leaving Barney in their care during our vacation or just for a few hours in day care. I highly recommend!
06:36 18 Feb 24
We love this place , great care and service
01:19 16 Feb 24
Great place and fantastic staff. My dogs are so excited to go and come home happy as well as exhausted
Catie KennedyCatie Kennedy
02:31 10 Feb 24
Beds N Biscuits has always treated me and my dog wonderfully. Jed always remembers my name and my pup’s name and we feel so welcomed each time we visit. I love the grooming, my pup always looks so handsome when he leaves!
Snow LopezSnow Lopez
23:34 08 Feb 24
Lindsey PisanoLindsey Pisano
20:36 06 Feb 24
Great place to bring my dog. She was so tired and loved when I picked her up.
Enid CarlsonEnid Carlson
19:28 30 Jan 24
Love the attention and thoroughness of the evaluation stay for doggy day care.
18:39 04 Jan 24
First boarding experience with B&B was amazing! My dog had a great time playing with new friends. They also groomed my pup and I couldn’t be happier with how they did it. They give specific grooms depending on breed. I received pictures everyday, and they were lovely! I will use B&B for all my boarding needs and you should too. They take great care of your fur baby.
Brie CressmanBrie Cressman
22:05 14 Nov 23
We love Beds-N-Biscuits! We’ve trusted them with both our first and second dogs. They’re great for both daycare and boarding. The facility is perfect and I love how much outside and playtime the pups get. The play area is so large and open compared to other options. They also upload daily photos so you can usually see your pup which is always reassuring. We plan on sticking with them 🙂
21:42 05 Nov 23
Absolutely gorgeous area and a lovely lady in charge, Miss Sue. As you can see my Annie had a wonderful time! Great communication from the proprietor and a happy pup. And I got to go to Vegas! Everything was fantastic. Thank you!
Lucas GuadagniLucas Guadagni
15:31 16 Oct 23
Our 2yr old Samoyed just loves Beds n Biscuits! They are very accommodating for all types of dogs and their facilities are very well maintained and clean. The staff & owners are very friendly and always happy to see you and answer all questions & concerns. I highly recommend anyone expressing interest in trying them out, you won’t be disappointed!
Alexandra DonaldsonAlexandra Donaldson
15:05 08 Oct 23
Dogs were wiped when they got home! Loved the status updates from the facility.
Kristyn WilbanksKristyn Wilbanks
18:21 02 Oct 23
Casey HixCasey Hix
01:12 26 Sep 23
Afeez AlliAfeez Alli
21:31 25 Sep 23
Maxwell PurgavieMaxwell Purgavie
20:23 21 Sep 23
Highly recommend. I can always be away from home at peace knowing my dog is safe and having the time of her life. The day long naps when I get home tells me my dog had a great time.
Kimberly CoxKimberly Cox
17:45 20 Sep 23
Tasha MrosakTasha Mrosak
14:59 20 Sep 23
We’ve taken our dog to bed n biscuits for years for boarding & grooming services. Our pup comes out every time happy to have spent his time with Bed N Biscuits staff and all of the pups. He has the best haircuts that suit him for the season and always comes back excited. The staff is really awesome and makes sure our pup feels all the love he would get from home.
Lisa NixonLisa Nixon
19:58 16 Sep 23
Beds-B-Bisquit was a great experience for our boys. We were visiting family and they had an overnight when we went to the Broncos game. Great detail and follow up.
Ginny MartindaleGinny Martindale
02:06 14 Sep 23
This doggy daycare/boarding is excellent! My dogs go crazy the day they are going down for a play day. They do excellent grooming and have never had a problem in the almost 5 years that I’ve used them. I highly suggest using Beds and Bisquits for your animals. I recently had one of my dogs pass to Pet Heaven and Beds & Biscuits was phenomenal with their condolences. They’re helping my young dog adjust to play dates without his brother. I would not think of even trying anybody else for my doggy daycare and grooming.
Bryon NeitzelBryon Neitzel
15:30 10 Sep 23
Friendly staff, dog was exhausted from playing when I picked him up!
Luke RamirezLuke Ramirez
01:18 06 Sep 23
Alex LarsenAlex Larsen
19:55 05 Sep 23
Susan McDonnellSusan McDonnell
17:49 01 Sep 23
very nice place with great staff
Alex WangAlex Wang
22:15 27 Aug 23
They really take good care of my dog
Lindsey KnappLindsey Knapp
18:02 26 Aug 23
Awesome place for boarding our 2 dogs for a week. Took very good care of our boys.
Irene WagnerIrene Wagner
15:39 25 Aug 23
It was Cooper and Coconut’s first day of Doggie Daycare! They came home exhausted from having so much fun. We appreciated receiving a call during the day to let us know how they were doing. And also appreciated the report card and photos shared all day. They look forward to their weekly Beds-N-Biscuits playdate!
Susan McDonaldSusan McDonald
12:19 25 Aug 23
My Piper would live at Beds n Biscuits if I would let her.
Susan KannelSusan Kannel
18:00 24 Aug 23
Our 2 cairn terriers occasionally stay at BnB when we’re out of town. They love it there. When we pull into the BnB driveway, the dogs can’t wait to get out of the car and race to get in! Great care. Great people. Totally recommend.
Zoe KrusicZoe Krusic
21:53 22 Aug 23
Autumn McCoyAutumn McCoy
17:13 22 Aug 23
Our favorite place for doggy daycare! I always get a very happy and tired pup when it’s pick up time! The staff is wonderful. I always look forward to my picture of him playing during the day.
Sue WielandSue Wieland
20:57 17 Aug 23
Bed N Biscuits is awesome! They met my dog’s every need & treated her like royalty. Highly recommend them.
Wayne SelfWayne Self
15:01 10 Aug 23
Lexi enjoyed her first day a daycare, and was really tired from playing when she got home.I’m looking forward to her next visit!
Joshua ParksJoshua Parks
18:48 08 Aug 23
Cynthia TrubyCynthia Truby
17:10 08 Aug 23
We board our three dogs together at BNB. Great facility and people.
Jeff FarmerJeff Farmer
22:20 06 Aug 23
Very pleased with the whole experience.
chrisitne sanbornchrisitne sanborn
21:06 03 Aug 23
first time boarding my dogs and it was great. My dogs were treated wonderfully. I received pictures of smiling happy dogs each day I was gone. It gave me a secure feeling that my boys with safe and getting good care. Thanks again and we will be using Beds n Biscuits again.
Jennifer BaichiJennifer Baichi
16:33 02 Aug 23
We love Beds n Biscuits – but more importantly, so does my pup! She knows where we are headed when I turn down the street and starts to show excitement before we even pull into the parking lot. She attends Ultimate daycare where she gets additional training and fun activities (like weave poles, climbing blocks, pool time, etc). She just loves it. The staff are always kind at drop off and pick up. Thank you for taking good care of my pup!
Monica AguilarMonica Aguilar
18:30 17 Jul 23
I needed to go out of town last minute for an emergency, but I wasn’t established with a new boarder after moving. The previous company was phenomenal with our highly anxious dog, but they’re over an hour away and I could not justify the drive/time given the urgency of the situation.I was anxious to use a new place but Beds-N-Biscuits was highly recommended from a trusted friend and I needed to take the leap. My two dogs did wonderful with them for several days. My anxious dog typically struggles for 2-3 days when she returns from being boarded with excessive water drinking, pacing, and an inability to settle. This time she came back clean, happy, and completely normal! There was no adjustment period and that says a lot given her temperament. I will absolutely use them in the future and ongoing for any pet related needs
Jan Rose, DenverJan Rose, Denver
21:20 02 Jul 23
Having a Brittany is agreeing to a happy maniac. She’s had daycare here often and when I need to board her it is always here. Today I brought her home happy and tired! What a gift to have a tired maniac. Couldn’t recommend this place more strongly, for either daycare or boarding. And they have a multi-daycare package which I also recommend if you need that service with some frequency. She always, always comes home happy.
Johnny WelshJohnny Welsh
21:04 26 May 23
Our dog had the best time during her stay. She came home tired and satisfied! Great staff as well!! We felt a great deal of love for dogs in this facility. It’s nice to be able to put our trust in a doggie care facility and have no worries.
Karen OlsonKaren Olson
14:10 23 May 23
Just had our assessment daycare done and the staff were really amazing. I love how they really dig in to a dog’s temperament and place them accordingly. All their feedback on our dog was spot on. He loved it and had a great, exhausting day! Also, the play yards are not overloaded with more dogs than a human can watch. They have many yards and seem to have ample staff to tend them as well.
Ross ArabieRoss Arabie
16:11 16 May 23
We just picked up our Basset Hound “Louis” today after his 19 day over night boarding with them. They are very nice people, very communicative, and the website allows you to see updated photos of your pup while they are staying there. At the end of their stay, they also get a report card (adorable) If you ever want to call, they are happy to update you on your pup as many times as you would like. We got him the”Spoil’em Rotten” package, and I can say that it was very much worth their prices. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to board your pup. Louis looked like he had a great time in all of his pictures, and I also got him groomed/nail trims day of pick up. All which was done perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my pup. I will be continuing to go back and they will always have my business. Highly pleased from my first phone call, to us picking him up!
wesley rickertwesley rickert
22:30 27 Mar 23
Beds-n-biscuits has the best facility by far from my experiences with other boarding businesses around greater Denver area. They provide a high quality of care and grooming if wish to add to their stay. You get what you pay for
Ruby ManolesRuby Manoles
00:12 30 Jan 23
We have had great experiences with Beds n Biscuits. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and went out of the way to make sure that we, as owners, and my pup were comfortable. They took the time to answer all of our questions and thoroughly explained all of the packages available. The doggy daycare seems spacious and clean. Our dog has been there for both daycare stays and overnights We have also taken advantage of the grooming services and our dog came out looking fabulous and smelling great! Our dog always seems happy to go there. I highly recommend Beds n Biscuits for all of your doggy daycare and grooming needs.
Erin SchroederErin Schroeder
15:42 12 Aug 22
Our pup Zoey absolutely adores Beds -N-Biscuits! We are so grateful to have found a place she loves and that we trust with our girl. We highly recommend them for daycare, boarding or grooming.
Zina LeeZina Lee
15:45 01 Aug 22
We LOVE Beds-n-Biscuits, and, more importantly, so does Tonka, our Rottweiler. Before we brought Tonka to BNB, he was undersocialized and way too wild around other dogs. He was going through his adolescent “I’m a total *ssh*le” stage, too—we took him for training (I highly recommend Sit Means Sit) and then they suggested we take him to BNB for daycare.BNB’s prices are more than reasonable and we take him twice a week. Tonka LOVES BNB, though, and he’d probably prefer we took him every day! He comes home completely exhausted and happy, so we know he’s getting a ton of exercise, and he loves all the staff there. (And they all seem to love him!) He’s now completely handleable around other dogs and we can trust him to know when to back off and when to play. When it comes time to board him while we’re traveling, he’ll be boarded nowhere but BNB!They usually post pictures around 1pm, so I usually have a quick look then. I’d love to be able to pay for a report card on daycare days (it’s only available for boarding, I think), but I completely get that they’d have to hire three more people to do that every day! If pickup isn’t slammed, they’ll usually tell you how the pup did that day if you ask.I also love that they have in-house grooming services, so he can have a bath and nails and teeth done every couple of weeks or so and I don’t have to worry about getting him to yet another appointment…I just pick up a clean, happy dog!The only fly in the ointment is…Tonka loves BNB so much that, when it’s time to drop him off, he completely forgets that he’s not allowed to jump on people or pull on the leash—we’re working on it!Attached: three pics from BNB, and one pic of Tonka’s typical trip home