Dogs in Daycare

Frequently Asked Questions

After over 23 years and countless dogs coming through our doors, we’ve received our fair share of questions. See below for some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about our services. If you have any other questions or concerns not listed, please feel free to contact us.

General FAQs

Our General Manager has been certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) as a Certified Professional Animal Care Manager (CPAM).

The mission of PACCC is to bring independent testing and certification to the rapidly growing pet care services industry. The CPACM certification helps gives pet parents peace of mind that their pets are in the care of trusted individuals.

Because we staff according to the number of dogs in our care, reservations are required. Typically, you may cancel your boarding or daycare reservation without penalty. However, a cancellation fee, per Dog, is charged for cancellations or no-shows that occur without proper notice (24 hours before your pet is scheduled to arrive). The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Daycare: Cost of one day of daycare, based on reservation type

  • Lodging: Cost of one night of boarding, based on reservation type

  • Grooming: $50

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold reservations during busy holiday times when we expect our facility to reach capacity (Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day). The deposit will be due approximately 30 days prior to the start of the reservation and will be charged to the credit card we have on file. We will send you a reminder email approximately 3 days prior to the deposit due date. A small fee will be added to reservations during peak holiday times.

Since Beds-N-Biscuits is a large facility with multiple play yards, multiple webcams could get confusing for customers looking for their pet(s) during playtime. For the convenience of our customers, pictures are regularly posted on our Daily Photostream. Pet parents can also log into the parent portal to view all available images of their pets. Finally, feel free to call or text any time for an update on your pup.

All dogs must be current on their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccines. While not required, we highly recommend your dog have the canine influenza vaccine. Email those to

Yes. Download our mobile app by searching for “Gingr for Pet Parents” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Invite Code: #617856

After suppling our facility code, use your current login credentials to access your portal through the mobile app.

Weather permitting, your dog will have all-day outdoor play time with other dogs of the same size and temperament. While your dog is outside playing, his or her room will be cleaned and disinfected each day. Our play yards are supervised and equipped with water, shade, and splash pools for the hot days of summer. 

In the winter, the outdoor play schedule is adapted to shelter the dogs from extreme cold. Our indoor runs are fully heated in the winter. Dogs who need to limit their playtime for medical reasons can be provided with smaller private or semi-private outdoor spaces. And since the manager lives on the premises, your dog will be cared for virtually around the clock.

We love taking care of your pets during the holidays! Although our front office and reservations departments are closed on major holidays (Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day), our pet care staff maintain normal hours to care for your pup.

A 3-night minimum stay is required during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Beds-N-Biscuits accepts dogs that have not been spayed or neutered (intact). It is important to inform the front desk at the time of check-in if your dog is in heat. If your dog is in heat, a Private Play reservation is required.

Yes. We offer private yards and individualized play for dogs who are not able to play in a playgroup due to still being intact or medical, social, or temperament reasons. Space is limited for our private play option. Speak to a reservation specialist for details.

Daycare FAQs

At Beds-N-Biscuits, we want play groups to be a safe and fun environment for every dog. To ensure the safety of our staff and other pets in our care, we recommend a newbie assessment day to get to know your pup and their play style. Your dog will get a chance to participate in both classic and ultimate daycare programs. During the evaluation, we will be learning what activities your dog enjoys. Based on their play style and temperament we will recommend the programs that are the best fit for your pup. 

After the evaluation, one of our enrichment coordinators will call you with the results. The evaluation is not a pass/fail test but, instead a look at what is the best fit for your furry friend.

The monthly punch card you select depends on how often you want to bring your dog to daycare each week. We have 4, 8, 12, 16, and unlimited options. Our packages are priced so the more often your pup attends, the more you save on the daily rate.

The monthly packages are non-refundable and expire within 30 days of first use, which is why we want to help you select the package that matches the number of days you plan to bring your dog each month.

Regular Attendance: When dogs attend daycare regularly, they become comfortable with the surroundings and our team. Additionally, when dogs participate on the same days each week, they play with the same canine friends and focus on the fun experiences rather than being distracted by newcomers in the group.

Random Attendance: When dogs attend daycare on random days, we spend lots of additional time helping them reacclimate to the surroundings, our team, and most importantly, the dogs in the group who already know each other well. The best example we can give you is to think of a child going into a new classroom each time they attend school.

We designed our packages to reward regular attendance since that helps dogs establish a routine and helps us maintain the safest playgroups. Introducing a new dog to an established group causes a lot of excitement and can be disruptive, so we spend extra time and often add additional staff when introducing a dog who doesn’t attend regularly. The higher daily rate helps offset the extra time and expense of ensuring the health and safety of each dog with us. Dogs thrive when they are kept on a routine at home, and the same applies when they attend daycare.

Reservations allow us to schedule the number of team members required to maintain the safest staff-to-pet ratio each day. We would hate for you to arrive for daycare and discover that we have already reached our limit of dogs based on the number of staff who are working that day.

When you purchase your monthly package, we recommend you make reservations for the month. This way you are guaranteed a spot on the days you prefer. If you don’t need one of the days you’ve reserved, then you can call us within 24 hours so we can help you reserve a different day, as long as we have space on the day you prefer.

We separate our daycare groups based on the unique characteristics of each dog and want to ensure that we adhere to a safe staff-to-pet ratio so that each dog has a fun and engaging experience. Our daycare team is trained in dog body language and dog behavior. Dogs tell us how they feel by the way they stand and hold their ears, tails, mouths, and eyes. Our team is constantly assessing each dog’s body language and behavior to ensure they play safely, and that each dog is happy in the daycare environment. If we see any sign of a dog becoming overly excited or irritated, we take steps to diffuse the situation before it becomes a safety issue, which is why we have such an excellent safety record.

Yes. We offer private yards and individualized play for dogs who are not able to play in a playgroup due to still being intact or medical, social, or temperament reasons. Space is limited for our private play option. Speak to a reservation specialist for details.

Ultimate Daycare

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach is not best for every dog, so we offer two daycare programs and tailor Ultimate Daycare to each dog’s unique characteristics, preferences, and playstyles. The enrichment games and activities are designed to provide physical and mental stimulation and challenge the most intelligent dogs, who tend to get bored very quickly.

The structured small group format allows dogs to thrive as they enjoy an enhanced level of fun with toys, puzzles, and play equipment that could present a safety issue in the large group setting. Some of the behaviors we see from dogs who get bored or become restless in the big group tend to disappear when they participate in Ultimate Daycare enrichment sessions. Pet parents have commented on the improved patience and focus their dogs demonstrate after a day that includes Ultimate Daycare.

Every dog will have fun and benefit from the enriching sessions offered in Ultimate Daycare since the activities are designed to appeal to dogs’ natural breed instincts, promote patience and confidence, and enhance the bond dogs share with their family. High-energy dogs participating in Ultimate Daycare may play in Classic Daycare between Ultimate Daycare sessions. Dogs that are not comfortable in a large group play environment will participate in Ultimate Daycare and rest between sessions to recharge for the next small group or individual Ultimate Daycare activities.

We recommend Ultimate Daycare, especially for the following dogs:

  • Puppies who need to learn to read social cues from other dogs in a fun and safe environment

  • Highly intelligent dogs who become bored very quickly and may even become labeled as troublemakers

  • The adult dog that is new to socialization but shows a big interest in interacting with other dogs

  • Dogs with natural high drive and energy that require mentally and physically stimulating activities to allow them to relax when they get home

  • Dogs on the shy side that may prefer human interaction over making new canine friends

  • Senior dogs that love to have fun but have a shorter tolerance for larger groups

Absolutely! Dogs go home tired but not so exhausted that they want to sleep instead of eating dinner or interacting with the family. In fact, experts state that shorter sessions of mentally stimulating activities are much more tiring than longer sessions of physical activity. The goal is to offer quality play sessions with a balance of physical and mental stimulation to promote proper health, growth, good behavior, and overall happiness.

Ultimate Daycare includes small group enrichment sessions with snack time and nap time between sessions. Rest time helps dogs recharge so they are ready for more mentally and physically challenging activities. For dogs with a much higher energy level, instead of nap time, they may play in Classic Daycare until the next enrichment session.

Ultimate Daycare has a smaller staff-to-pet ratio of approximately one staff member for every four to eight dogs, so there is a higher cost to providing this type of individualized attention and care.

Because it’s a structured program, your pup will get the most out of the experience if they are here for the entire day. We ask that you drop your pup by 9:00 AM.


Contact us to reserve space for your dog. Be aware that for major holidays, it is best to book several months in advance! New clients should be ready to provide us with basic information about the breed and weight of your dog, as well as the dates of your dog’s most recent vaccinations. A credit card is required to hold your reservation. For major holidays, an advance deposit will be required. This deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to your total bill at the end of your dog’s stay.

Here’s how to pack like a pro for a fun-filled visit to Beds-N-Biscuits:


There’s no need to lug that gigantic bed with you when your pet visits us! When your pet isn’t out having fun playing with friends or interacting with our pet care team, they will rest comfortably on a clean, hammock-style raised bed with comfy blankets. 

Medications & Supplements

Does your pet require medication? If so, please bring the medication in its original packaging with dosage instructions from your veterinarian. Please do not mix any medications or supplements with your pet’s food.

Toys & Personal Items 

If you bring a toy or personal item from home, we ask that you not bring anything of significant value as we don’t want belongings to become mixed up with our toys or damaged during our housekeeping services. Please do not bring rope toys or rawhide of any kind due to the risk of choking.  


When you arrive, we will escort your pet to their accommodation with one of our own leashes, which we’ll use throughout the stay. This way, you can take your leash back home or leave it in the car, so you’ll have it when you return. 

Packing Food for Overnight Lodging

We care about the environment and your pet’s health, so we use Kinn Kleanbowls for all meals, which are 100% germ and bacteria-free, and totally recyclable and compostable. 

When your pet spends the night with us, we recommend keeping them on their own diet. Since we don’t have the space to store large bags or containers, please pack each meal in Ziploc bags labeled with your dog’s name. This process ensures that your pup eats the exact amount you feed at home each day. There is a $10 handling fee for food that is not pre-bagged and labeled. Additional food will not be returned, but if you do pack extra, please label those baggies as “extras.”

You can drop your pup off Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Lodgers with the “Spoil ‘em Rotten” package may drop off at 6:30 AM Monday through Friday.

Although your confirmation specifies specific drop-off and pickup times, you can do so anytime during these hours.

Beds-N-Biscuits works like a hotel. Our checkout time is at Noon. If you pick your pup up after Noon, a daycare charge will apply.

The basic daily rate for lodging includes:

  • A comfortable accommodation with a raised bed

  • All-day play with canine friends and our team

  • Daily picture(s) posted to our Photostream

  • Daily housekeeping to sanitize sleeping areas

  • Daily 5-point wellness checks

  • Relaxing night-time music

  • Custom meals and fresh water

We know you want to make your pet’s stay the best it can be. And that starts with amenities and activities that help your pup feel right at home. Our Reservation Specialists look forward to learning all about your pet to help you personalize the perfect stay with us while you’re away. Packages are available for additional comfort, engagement, and activity.

Dogs in the same family can stay together in the same indoor bedroom, or we’ll provide separate accommodations if that is preferable to you. 

If you don’t want to bring your dog’s own food, we will provide high-quality beef and rice kibble, for an additional fee. We also provide a hammock-style bed for each of the dogs in the sleeping areas. During cold seasons, we have blankets available for overnight guests. 

Unfortunately, we’re unable to accept blankets or outside bedding during stays. Since we deep clean each dog lodge every day, it is impossible for us to wash, sanitize, and keep track of blankets for all of the dogs in our care.

Unfortunately, no. Not at this time.

This is one of the ways in which dogs differ from humans! Boarding guests at Beds-N-Biscuits settle into a “groove.” They get used to the rhythm of their days and enjoy the fun and security of following the routine in the company of all the other dogs. To pull a dog out of the group for a visit creates a lot of excitement, and possibly distress when the visiting human leaves again. We realize that it’s enjoyable and reassuring for the human to visit the dog. But from the dog’s point of view, the interruption in their routine can be very upsetting and stressful. While we understand that you miss your dog, the most helpful thing you can do for him during an extended stay is to let him settle in and be part of the pack. Beds-N-Biscuits always welcomes texts or phone calls if you’d like to check and see how your pet is doing.

Yes. We offer private yards and individualized play for dogs who are not able to play in a playgroup due to still being intact or medical, social, or temperament reasons. Space is limited for our private play option. Speak to a reservation specialist for details.