BNB Believes it is Easy Being Green!

At Beds-N-Biscuits, we are committed to our environment as much as we are to our customers. Our kennel not only runs on solar power, but we are also thrilled to announce that we have recently made the switch to bio-friendly dog food bowls. The Kleanbowl™ product we are now using is a 100% germ-free pet bowl that is good for your pet, and good for Mother Earth. 

What is the Point of a Kleanbowl?

These bowls use a combination of germ-resistant stainless steel frames along with biodegradable refills. The refills are made of sugar cane fiber, a sustainable by-product of the sugar cane refining process. 

Beds-N-Biscuits decided to make this switch for three key reasons: 

  1. The disposable refills reduce germs and therefore encourage good nutrition and hydration. 
  2. Using biodegradable bowls reduces the amount of water and electricity used to wash reusable bowls. 
  3. We wanted to reduce the amount of staff time that bowl washing previously demanded, allowing our team to spend more quality time with our guests.

Environmental Benefits

At first, you may think that using a washable, reusable bowl would actually be better for the environment. However, recycling sugar cane fiber refills into the paper stream create less waste than dishwashers by saving electricity, reducing greenhouse gases, and replacing virgin paper materials. According to, “sourcing of sugar cane fiber has a negative carbon footprint as it is commonly burned as a waste product, and sugar cane is a renewable resource.”

The use of biodegradable pet bowls reduces: 

  • 43% greenhouse gases
  • 32% electricity
  • 21% water

We are committed to you, your pet, and the environment that we all share. Speak with one of our staff members or visit for more information.