Summer Grooming Tips to Keep Your Pup Cool and Comfortable

Summer is here, and while most of us enjoy the sun and warmth, it’s essential to keep our furry friends cool and comfortable. Proper grooming is key to ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy during the hot months. Here are five essential summer grooming tips:

1. Regular Brushing

Summer means shedding season for many dogs. Regular brushing helps remove loose fur and prevents matting. It also promotes better air circulation through your dog’s coat, keeping them cooler. For dogs with thicker coats, consider using an undercoat rake to remove excess hair.

2. Keep It Trimmed

While it’s not always necessary to shave your dog, a trim can help them stay cooler. Be cautious with shaving, as some breeds rely on their coat for protection against sunburn and overheating. Consult with one of our groomers to determine the best length for your dog’s coat.

3. Bathe Wisely

Regular baths help keep your dog’s coat clean and free from allergens and pests. Schedule a bath in our salon to help keep dirt, chlorine, and other irritants from irritating their skin.

4. Paw Care

Hot pavement can burn your dog’s paws. Regularly check and clean their paws, and trim the fur between their paw pads to prevent matting and irritation. Consider using paw balm to keep their pads moisturized and protected.

5. Ear and Eye Care

Summer activities can lead to dirt and debris in your dog’s ears and eyes. Regularly check and clean their ears with a vet-recommended cleaner and gently wipe around their eyes to prevent infections.

By following these grooming tips, you’ll help your dog stay cool, comfortable, and healthy all summer long.

If you’re unsure about any grooming practices, our professional grooming team at Beds-N-Biscuits is here to help. Schedule an appointment today and keep your pup looking and feeling their best!